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Marin Mūnchies is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker located in Marin County, CA.

Purity is at the core of everything we do. Our chocolate is made without any extraneous and unnecessary elements. From the organic coconut sugar we use, to the lack of allergens in our recipes and the lack of plastic in our production process, our chocolate is not only sublimely delicious but also a healthy choice for your body, your soul and the earth.

That same purity carries over to the way in which we source our cocoa. We believe in fostering the future of our planet and human community, which is why we ethically source our cocoa. Unlike many chocolate makers, all of our farms are organic and all of our cocoa farmers are paid above industry standard prices. This enables them to make a living wage, and to invest in their families’ futures.

We’re excited to bring our “virgin” chocolate to you and to chocolate lovers everywhere. Enjoy!